What does this course cover?
This course builds upon the Certified Technician course by taking your established basic knowledge of the Concept and expanding it to include advanced automation, access and user control. Some topics covered are stacked calculated auxiliaries, time/diary driven events, testing, lift control as well as furthering your knowledge of access control and user activity.
  • Stacked calculated auxiliaries
  • Timezones, diary events and advanced automation
  • Advanced access - anti-passback, lift control
  • Advanced automation - User/Area counting

What will I achieve?
Successful completion of this course will give you the skills to implement automated functions triggered by time, user activity and alarm events. You will also have the knowledge to use the full potential of access control and user management such as anti-passback, area counting and lift control.

Should I attend this course?
This course is available to current Certified Technicians who wish to take advantage of the Concept's full potential. Your knowledge of the topics covered in the Certified Technician course should be well founded and you should be confident with programming basic security and access systems.

Schedule and delivery
This course will give you practical experience in programming Concept hardware. You may also view the self paced online course if you wish to learn the material yourself.
See our calendar for the latest training schedule.

The cost of this 4 day online interactive course is $550AU inc GST. The cost includes tuition, some printed materials and the assessment.
For courses outside of Australia, please contact your local distributor for final pricing details.
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