What does this course cover?
This course introduces you to the world of Insight. You will learn the components of an Insight installation and environmental factors which affect it. You will also be guided through the essential maintenance facilities such as backups, archives and server tools.
The course will then step you through the core of this software including programming via software, schematic map control, alarm handling, review filtering and operator and tenancy control.
In addition to these core modules we offer endorsements like Advanced Reports.

How does this course and certification work?
As with TAFE and University courses, the Advanced Insight certification consists of modules. Four of these modules make up the core and are required as part of the certification. The four core modules are:
  • Insight Essentials - this covers the Insight and SQL environment, setup, the server tool functions including logs and Insight into Insight and other features such as backups and archives
  • Edit & Review - this covers everything you need to know about programming with Insight, navigation as well as using Review and its filter tools to its full potential
  • Alarm Response & Schematics - you will follow an event from its trigger right through to automated outputs such as Schematic, DVR and report functions
  • Operators & Tenancies - Insight and panel items can be segregated between different Operators and computers. You will learn the full functionality of these powerful features

Each of these modules are delivered seperately via our live online broadcasts (see below). You may book the modules in any order, and over any time frame you wish. The final assessment is conducted at our distributors. View our training calendar to view and book an assessment.

In addition to your core certification, Inner Range now offers the opportunity to add endorsements to your certificate. These are specific skills outside the scope of the core modules but have the potential to set you apart from others. Current endorsements on offer are:
  • Advanced Reports
  • Virtual Panel
Additional endorsement modules will be introduced in future.

Schedule and Delivery
This course is delivered via our live online interactive system.
The online training application allows individuals to attend IR training sessions through a web based interface anywhere in the world. The software allows for real time application, voice and video sharing capabilities, making this the most advanced and flexible training method available in our industry. Essentially, you will be talking to one of our trainers, watching presented material and interacting with shared software.

Any machine that is capable of connecting to the Internet can join our online training sessions. The audio session is available either using a VOIP service within the application, or through a free call 1800 number.

Training sessions are flexible and accessible. No longer requiring students to travel or take significant time off work.

Students can participate in the training discussion by asking questions directly to the group via audio or privately to the instructor via a text message.

Any form of multimedia can be presented to enhance the learning process making it easier for students to learn.

Any supplement diagrams/pictures or notes created in the session can be emailed directly to all students.

The entire video and audio session can be recorded and made available for download!
No longer requires students to take notes, simply watch the video like you were there the first time.

The cost of an individual module is $100AU inc GST.

Do you need Insight and a licensed dongle?
No. The great advantage of this system is that you will be given access to one of our servers which allows you to run Insight as if it were on your own PC. This is all done through the web application meaning your PC needs nothing more than an internet connection.

What happens when I book a module?
It's very simple. A few days before the course date, you will receive an email with a link. The link will open a portal to the live session. All you need to do is decide if you would like to receive audio via the free phone call or via the web application.
  • If you decide to use your phone, it's as simple as dialling the number we give you.
  • If you decide to use your PC audio, you will need a headset with a microphone so you can listen and talk with our trainer. While you can use standard headphones and just typing messages to communicate with the trainer, you will most benefit if you can talk directly with the trainer.
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