What does this course cover?
This course introduces customers/end users to the Insight interface and aims to give you enough knowledge to monitor your system and control your Users.
You will be presented with an overall picture of how Insight works with your security/access hardware. You will learn the basics of Insight navigation, as well as simple User programming and how permissions can be affected.
You will also be shown how to use features to view information coming in from the hardware (known as 'Review') and basic hardware control functions (such as unlocking Doors and disarming Areas).

Is this a certified course?
This course does not offer a certification and therefore, does not contain an assessment. The course presents features designed for End Users. Further knowledge of the system which is outside the scope of this course requires a deeper understanding of security and access hardware. If this knowledge is required, you might consider attending one of our certified courses.

Schedule and Delivery
This course is delivered via our live online interactive system.
The online training application allows individuals to attend IR training sessions through a web based interface anywhere in the world. The software allows for real time application, voice and video sharing capabilities, making this the most advanced and flexible training method available in our industry. Essentially, you will be talking to one of our trainers, watching presented material and interacting with shared software.

Any machine that is capable of connecting to the Internet can join our online training sessions. The audio session is available either using a VOIP service within the application, or through a free call 1800 number.

Training sessions are flexible and accessible. No longer requiring students to travel or take significant time off work.

Students can participate in the training discussion by asking questions directly to the group via audio or privately to the instructor via a text message.

Any form of multimedia can be utilised to enhance the learning process making it easier for students to learn.

Any supplement diagrams/pictures or notes created in the session can be email directly to all students.

The entire video and audio session can be recorded and made available for download!
No longer requires students to take notes, simply watch the video like you were there the first time.

Contact Inner Range for a pricing

What happens when I book a session?
It's very simple. A few days before the course date, you will receive an email with a link. The link will open a portal to the live session. All you need to do is decide if you would like to receive audio via the free phone call or via the web application.
  • If you decide to use your phone, it's as simple as dialling the number we give you.
  • If you decide to use your PC audio, you will need a headset with a microphone so you can listen and talk to our trainer. While you can use standard headphones and just typing messages to communicate with the trainer, you will most benefit if you can talk to the trainer directly.
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